What’s the deal with plastic mamas?

Playgroup in my neck of the woods is changing. Gone are the slightly baby spew stained shirts, wrinkled pants and pony tails (Me, 18 months ago). Say hello to Jimmy Choo handbags, high heels, full faces of make up and a sprinkling of boob jobs and tummy tucks to round out the new scene.

All of this “show your best face to the world” consumer driven image teamed with a double-shot-sugar-free-vanilla-spiced-skinny-rice-milk latte in one hand  and an iPhone in the other.

Now, I’m not adverse to looking my best.

And God knows I love my coffee (my day doesn’t function without it!)

I diet. Yes, because I aim to be a good healthy role model and yes because I actually need to lose weight.

I workout, daily. For the reasons as listed above Plus my mental health requires endorphins.

I wear makeup, buy nice clothes and make an effort to feel good about how I look.

so this post is not coming from a place of “skinny hate” or “put-together-woman” contempt.

My post and the question behind it comes from a place of confusion.

What happened? When did things change so dramatically from our mothers era of interacting and enjoying our children? Because to be honest, I don’t know how much playing, interacting or (let’s be blunt) supervising can actually happen with Facebook feed occupying one side of your brain and gossipy stories taking up the other half of the brain.

Are some mamas getting  so caught up in looks, competition and vanity that they are forgetting how to enjoy their children?