I am a little rusty at this whole writing “about me” stuff.
To make it easier I’m going to give you the Top Ten things You need to know about me…..


1. I love to write.

2. I am a Mummy of two gorgeous munchkin’s Biddle & Moo.

3. I am married to the wonderful Husbo.

4. We are a Defence force family which poses  struggles and surprises.

5. I love salted caramel. This is problematic in light of point number 6….

6. I am on a weightloss journey that has seen me lose 27kg to date. I have 22 to go.

7. I’v never liked cooking but out of necessity I started to learn. I am starting to enjoy the act of cooking but love the ability to feed myself and my family healthy, nutritious foods.

8. I am a Christian.

9. I hate mess and disorganisation, which is difficult with kids and a husband who seem to thrive on it!

10. I love beautiful things. Music, art, flowers, giggles, fashion, colour, my children, life really is beautiful 🙂


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